Nepal has resumed its International flights from the month of September and many tourism businesses are focused on providing their services in every special health and safety protocols. After 4 months of lockdown, Government of Nepal and the Airline Corporation has now decided to resume the flights and also to open the border for tourists. While travelling to Nepal, the tourists are requested to take precaution on their health and safety measures by carrying hand sanitizers and face mask shield. Nepal is now the safest destination to travel. As Corona virus is manly brought to Nepal by the migrant worker from India and is often treated in quarantine, the cases of COVID 19 is settled. Travelling Nepal is all about isolating yourself in the heart of nature. The Himalayas and the Mountains are safe from the Corona virus and are the safest place to travel now. The travellers prefer to spend more time off the cities and towns so social distancing is not the measure problem in Nepal. The officials of Himalayas welcome you to the safest destination to travel during the pandemic.