A travel agency is a private retailer or public service that provides travel and tourism service to the public. It includes the services such as activities, car rentals, airlines, hotels, package tours and many more. You can find a number of Travel Agencies in Nepal that are in operation. The role of travel agent is to make the process of designing a trip as stress free as possible.  

You may be in dilemma to choose the best travel agencies among the numerous. Pathil Holidays can be the best choice for you. Providing a quality service to the clients, Pathil Holidays gives you the best value of your money. This travel agency is one of the best Travel Agencies in Nepal. We provide you almost every service regarding your tours and holidays. We help you to get the best tour packages for your trip in Nepal. In addition, We provide clients professional and personalized service, and expertise to fulfill travel request.

  Our Services:

  • Provide customizable travel packages.
  • Quality service.
  • Best value of your money.
  • Tour varieties from national to international
  • Flight Bookings
  • Vehicle Rental
  • Hotel Booking
  • Home stays Booking.
  • Adventure activities

 Who are we?

We are the young professionals bringing in the latest technologies to optimize the travel related functions in Nepal.  We have extensively traveled throughout Nepal and we can provide suggestions on how to optimize your travel according to your needs and how to cut the budget when you are traveling.

Why with us?

Pathil Holidays have experienced and professional travel guide who will give their best to make your holiday trip best. We are flexible and we make the itinerary according to the needs, interest and budget of the client.

What is the group size required to join with us?

Usually, group base is above two people. We also provide family tour, college tour and so on. According to the tour nature, maximum limit may vary.

Pathil Holidays will Guide you to explore the beauty of Nepal ranging from the top of the world’s highest mountain to the lowlands of Terai. We are always conscious to make your Holiday the most memorable life time experience. We are committed to providing seamless services to our customers from start to end. Our constant involvement with our partners makes sure that even the most mind-boggling aspects of travel are simplified through us so that you can enjoy your travel/tour or holiday.

Either you choose to visit Nepal or abroad, or want to do some fun activities, Pathil holidays organizes the quality service for you. Visit the most beautiful places of Nepal comfortably and conveniently with Pathil Holidays. Going for hiking or choosing the Theater shows, staying in a 5 star hotels or living with locals in home stays, you get the best service from this agency. This agency will make the best effort for the best ever service to the client.

Make sure you are not going after the false agency while  choosing your travel agent, because finding a true travel agent among the numerous is not an easy job.