Mountain Flight; An amazing experience.  

Do you have a Dream to experience the closer view of the mountains without trekking? Come and fulfill your dream with a mountain flight.


Mountain flight offer the closest possible aerial views of Mount Everest, Kanchanjunga, and many breath taking snow-capped mountains and beautiful peaks. One can view the beautiful landscape of Nepal hills and mountains as well as the Tibetan Plateau.

People who are unable to do trekking due to the various reasons can take Mountain Flight. It is the best way to view the panorama of the Himalayas. The duration of Mountain flight is just one hour.

A mountain flight offers you an awesome experience (only a bird gets to see this glorious view) to enjoy a close look at some of the world’s highest peaks. So, enjoy the beautiful view of Himalayan peaks, glaciers and high altitude lakes.

Nepal has eight of the highest mountains in the world and the only way to see them all is by flying past them. The mountains are at eye level for your maximum viewing pleasure. You can also get an excellent opportunity to take the photograph of the mountain and keep the memory fresh forever. Each and every moment after you leave the ground will be unforgettable.

The flight takes you within the camera range of some of the highest peaks in the world. Also, cruising the close to awe-inspiring massifs of rocks and ice is an out of this world experience.

This unique experience gives visitors a quick glance at Nepal’s untamed landscape and a fly-past through the world’s tallest peak.

Mountain flight is operated on a small model plane with capacity of sixteen people and each individual will get window seat. Further, one hour duration of Mountain flight is probably the best flight that one will ever attend in the entire life. In addition, It is one of the quick and the best ways to experience Himalayan peaks by flying closer to them. Thus mountain flight gives truly amazing experience.

Overall, Mountain flight is one of the world’s most exclusive trip of a life time experience. The mountain flight seeing trip is a closer encounter to the Himalayas. Mountain flight to Everest take you deep into the valleys close to the rock face. One can feel the stunning as well as majestic beauty of nature in an hour mountain flight in Nepal. So, enjoy the mountain flight and get amazing experience.