Kathmandu also known as city of monkey temple is one of the famous places to visit in Nepal. You can see temples of yellow pagoda style in each and every part of the street in Kathmandu. Kathmandu tourism is full of ancient history, art, handicraft and culture with fascinating villages. Moreover, people in Kathmandu shares different culture and religion at a time. Kathmandu is listed at top 20th as a best tourism destination to visit. The beauty of Kathmandu tourism is that it is surrounded by the hills from every direction due to which you can explore the place from inside and outside the city. Also, as on our previous blog we have mentioned about the Best places to visit in Kathmandu Valley, now we would like to share our opinion on why Kathmandu tourism is famous all over the world.

Kathmandu, the place of historical event was discovered by the King Gunakama Deva at the bank of Bishnumati River and Bagmati River in the southern part. Also, The Living Goddess Kumari has bring into being the most powerful Buddhist girl who represent Hindu Goddess Taleju as blessing for Kathmandu. Somehow, Kathmandu tourism is also famous for the highest number of street festival (jatras) which attracts tourist towards its unique culture. The shops in the street of thamel offers you different handicrafts, arts, carpet and Nepalese famous weapon “Khukuri”. Khukuri is famous among Gorkhali soldiers as they use it as their special weapon in the war.

Kathmandu is a place where you can open up the city by hiring the vehicle or in bicycle. You can take a ride of bicycle up to  the hills of Kathmandu valley and explore the beauty of nature also you can hire vehicle and explore inner and outer beauty of the valley in a day. We, Pathil Holidays are here to help you on every aspect to make you travel and help you know the history of Kathmandu tourism. Likely, Kathmandu tourism is full of traditional food with its unique taste. Some of the food are: Momos, Chatamari, Choila, Maas Ko Baara, or Wo, Sekuwa, Thukpa, Aloo Chop, Dal Bhat, Sel Roti, Juju Dhau, Lakhamari, Yomari, Lassi, Tea.