How to travel Kathmandu like a local

Kathmandu is the city of temples as we can see temples in every corner of road. I being Nepali cannot stop myself from taking blessing from all those gods found in every corner of road. I am so blessed. I am Kushal Pandey, citizen of this beautiful country whose capital is Kathmandu also known as Populated city of the country. My day starts at 6.40 am while i am already 10 minutes late for my 1st period on college. My ultimate mission everyday is to get ready till 7 am so that I can get to college for 2nd period which starts at 7.20 am. I will tell you my incident which happened a year ago. I had a coversation with a random girl, walked in the street at around 8 pm to drop her home and while we were about to leave each others company she speaks “would like to come up for a coffee?”. Guess what? I denied her Afterall I am a Nepali man and we prefer tea rather than coffee. Sorry for the interruption, we were at 7am in the morning while I start my bike and fly it. I go to chakku bakku for tea. Located at opposite of New Baneswor park which serves best tea in K-town. I suggest you to have special tea served there. You might also want to stay here in Nepal after that.




Pic: Tea of Chakku Bakku

People in kathmandu are fond of crowds or we can say we are made so because there is no escape from it. Kathmandu is everything for us. There is no life beyond Kathmandu. We have common goal which is reaching places on time. Mask is a compulsion. I have even heard that in Law very soon Mask is going to be declared as compulsory dress code for us. Hahaha that was not so funny I guess. Coming to a point it’s Dusty. I get my Tiffin Break at 9 in the morning, go to canteen and order what? Tea again. Usually we eat Noodles as khaja else Chowmein, Samosa, Paratha is what we have in the morning. You might have thought, he didn’t mention Mo: Mo. How could I? I can’t Merge Mo: Mo with all these. Mo: Mo is our pride. It’s like our oxygen. In Nepal people with belly are not called as Beer belly, they are Mo: Mo belly. I will mention my Favourite Mo: Mo places below:

  1. Saandar Mo:Mo
  2. Delicious Mo:mo
  3. Banglamukhi Mo:Mo
  4. Narayan Daiko Mo:Mo
  5. Buddhangar Fast Food


The common things on this momo is Jhol. There is heads and tails on coin likewise there is momo and Jhol. They are best couple in the world. There is no day I live without eating Mo: Mo.

Pic: Jhol Mo: Mo



At 12 my college gets over and its time for a lunch, we call it “Khana”. We eat Bhaat (Rice) in Khana. Rice and Lentil is our basic need. Without rice perfect day doesn’t start. We have plenty of Thakali Restaurant who serve best thaali set. Jimbu Thakali which is located at Tangal is my choice. You get khana on Tama Ko plate which has Rice, Lentil, perfectly made vegetable, saag, chutney, papad along

With dahi and mohi. You can order Non-Veg items on your requirement. Mutton curry, Chicken curry, Bhutun, Pork Curry and many more. You will feel like you are completely energized for a day.


Thakali Khana Set


When you are here at kathmandu for a vacation don’t get any cab after you have Thakali, you start walking around the city. You might want to visit Basantapur Durbar Square which is also under UNESCO World Heritage Sites. You will see our ancient sculpture. Donot forget to take blessing from GOD in every corner of the road, no matter which religion you follow. Gods are here to bless us. You will find amazing Lassi at your way to Indra Chowk. Quench your thirst through it. If you want to have some stick food again, make it to Ranzana Galli and ask for the stick food around. We people of Kathmandu love helping our guest while we have saying”Athiti Devo Bhava” which means Guest are equivalent to Gods. You can try Katti rolls at famous Syanko Katti Roll around the city. Street Foods are all around the city. You should hunt for them. Now you might want to travel Patan Durbar Square. I will give you a free tips. As soon as you get connected to any wifi here, download Tootle. It’s a free app which is onto tootle services. You will have to pay very minimum rates and its way too safe. You can use tootle for travelling to patan. After you reach Patan, you can visit Hygienic Pani Puri serving best and hygienic Pani Puri. It is probably evening time now. If you wish to have tea you will find plenty of tea shops around. You might want to buy souvenir to your nearest people. If you want to have a lavish restaurant after living all locally for a day you will find good restaurants with soothing music. At the time you are in some good restaurants at patan, I will have just finished my office and visit to Chakku Bakku for the last tea of the day. If you are a Tea lover, we can meet. At evening our streets market get closed by 8 but places like Thamel, Durbarmarg, Jhamsikhel are awake till midnight or even later. Choice is all yours.