Homestays in Nepal- A home away from home. Homestay is a popular form of hospitality and lodging. Visitors stay at the residence of a local family of the place, which they are travelling. Each homestay has a host to welcome guests into their home and offer guidance and assistance during the stay. A host family refers to the family who invites a non-family member, typically from a different country or culture, to stay. Staying in a home stay will never let you feel away from home.

Homestays in Nepal are increasing gradually day by day. There are two types of home stay in Nepal. They are Community homestay and private homestay. Normally, bed and breakfast are provided in the homestay. They also serve meal upon the request. While running the homestay, people can earn by working at their homes. In the meantime, they also allows tourists to enjoy the hospitality of the local people. It is like a platform to learn and exchange cultural elements of each other. Nowadays, homestays in Nepal has updated its service by giving hiking, trekking, facility to the visitors. Many Nepalese youth have chosen to work for homestays rather than migrating in foreign countries. It is increasing in both rural and urban areas.

Every homestay have their own specialty. Each homestay carries out its own unique feature. They comes up with different other programs also. It may be volunteering in schools, hospitals,yoga classes and so on. Sirubari , Syangja, Ghale gaun, Lamjung were the first places to start approach to trekking. Later, places like Kathmandu, Chitwan, Gorkha, Illam, Palpa etc started to serve visitors with home stay. There are many home stays listed out in Nepal.

Homestays in Nepal – A home away from from, this statement really becomes true when you visit once.