During the period of Junga Bahadur Rana in 1850, just after unification and before democracy, he visited Egypt, Britain, France and different religious places of India. Before that, no Nepalese were allowed to travel and no foreigners were allowed to come in Nepal because of autocratic rule of Rana regime. Later on, Bir Shumsher brought the policy of Gorkha Army Recruitment so wise in 1905, Chandra Shumsher invited the prince of Wales to Nepal for hunting. Slowly, people started to know about Nepal. Later, in 1908, the magazines in Nepalese art and culture was published in Britain. But still, there was no sign for development of tourism in Nepal and was paralyzed for 104 years.


Hotel Nepal
The First Hotel of Nepal.


During the Democracy in 1951, the first Hotel named as “Nepal Hotel” and later named as “Royal Hotel” was established as the development of tourism in Nepal. But it had to be closed due to lack of tourist. Generally, in 1953, the development of tourism in Nepal started growing because Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary successfully climbed the highest peak Mt. Everest. Also, after couple of years later, Royal Nepal Airlines Corporation (RNAC)
came into the operation and took its first flight. Slowly, tourist Info center was established and encouraged tourist to visit Nepal by providing relevant information regarding Nepal Tourism. In 1964, the Government of Nepal passed the rule for tourism. Later in the same year, Hotel Shankar and in the following year, Hotel Annapurna and Hotel Soaltee was established as the sign of development of tourism in Nepal.


Flow of Hippies
Marijuana and Hashish in Thamel.


The Hippies slowly started to visit Nepal in late 1960’s and 1970’s. The Nepal in those days was famous for Marijuana and Hashish. But later on, the government banned and stop selling the marijuana and hashish. Due to which, it became the turning point in the history of tourism as Nepal became the hot spot for adventure seekers and cultural tourist. Later in 1998, Nepal Tourism Board was established and started promoting for the development of tourism in Nepal. The same year for the development of tourism, Nepal celebrated “Visit Nepal 98”.



Moreover, the agreement between the Government of Nepal and the Maoist in 2006 for peace treaty helped Nepal to develop the tourism and the number of tourists visiting Nepal started increasing. In 2011 again to boost the tourism economy The Nepal Tourism Board along with The Government of Nepal celebrated “Visit Nepal 2011” themed as Together for Tourism.


Nepal in 2015- Earthquake


Nepal had hit by the major earthquake in 2015. The tourism of Nepal was badly affected. All the routes for travelling were closed down and Nepal had to face blockade. Later on, slogan – “Nepal is Safe” helped in promoting the tourism in International market and the areas which were not affected like Pokhara, Annapurna region, Lumbini and Chitwan was opened and slowly tourist started visiting Nepal.


Covid -19 Pandemic
Prince of Bahrain, traveling Nepal in COVID-19


Again in 2020, The world had to face the pandemic of Covid-19 and all the people around the world had to suffer the pandemic. Nepal was locked down for almost 6 months and the tourism industry was highly affected. But now, Nepal has resumed its International flights from the month of September and many tourism businesses are focused on providing their services in every special health and safety protocols. After 4 months of lockdown, Government of Nepal and the Airline Corporation has now decided to resume the flights and also to open the border for tourists. While traveling to Nepal, the tourists are requested to take precaution on their health and safety measures by carrying hand sanitizers and face mask shield. Pathil Holidays also now started working on the health and safety of the traveller by providing the necessary information along with safety equipments during travel to Nepal. Nepal is now the safest destination to travel. As Corona virus is manly brought to Nepal by the migrant worker from India and is often treated in quarantine, the cases of COVID 19 is settled. Travelling Nepal is all about isolating yourself in the heart of nature. The Himalayas and the Mountains are safe from the Corona virus and are the safest place to travel now. The travellers prefer to spend more time off the cities and towns so social distancing is not the measure problem in Nepal. The officials of Himalayas welcome you to the safest destination to travel during the pandemic.